Thursday, 17 November 2016

Call for expressions of interest for Audio-Visual Essay Workshop Participants

The following information is about a workshop for audio-visual essays as part of the SSAAANZ 2016 conference:
The growing popularity of the audio-visual essay as a means for screen theorists to communicate ideas cannot be denied. The aim of this workshop is to discuss and debate issues audio-visual essays raise in relation to screen histories, theories, criticism and practices. We invite participants are invited to bring their own AV essays (to talk about and/or show) and/or case studies of how they have adopted the form for teaching. The structure for the workshop will be driven by the abiding interests of those participating. Suggested questions for discussion include:

         (How) do audio-visual essays open up and/or problematize assumptions about the relationship between those who make and those who do;
         Where might the audio-visual essay fit into an assemblage of historical praxes;
         How might we conceptualise the relationship between artistic, academic and fan practices such as remaking, remixing, replaying, or the supercut;
         How effective are av essays in overcoming the tension between creativity and critique that has characterised screen studies;
         How do av essays work as pedagogical tools;
         How can we ensure that av essays are ‘counted’ in research exercises?

If you would like to be allocated time to speak please contact Alternatively, please come along.