SSAAANZ Conference Schedule – Final Version

A PDF copy of the abstracts can be accessed here.

Wednesday, November 23

8.30 – 9.00
Alan MacDiarmid Foyer
9.00 – 9.15
AM Foyer
9.15 – 10.45
Session 1
Creative Agency and Industrial Contexts
AM 102                     Chair: Russell Campbell
Accents, Identities, Screens
AM 104                          Chair: Alan Wright
Workshop on Video Essays

Russell Campbell, “Montagu at Gaumont-British”

Christina Milligan, “What Is a Creative Producer? Or Is that an Oxymoron?”

Jean Anderson and Carolina Miranda, “Going West, Going South …”

Tessa Dwyer, “Changing Accents: Nation, Place and Top of the Lake

Alan Wright, “The Idea of Dubbing: An Uncanny History of New Zealand Film”

Catherine Fowler
Sean Redmond

10.45 – 11.15
Morning Tea
11.15 – 12.45
Session 2
AM 102                        Chair: Fincina Hopgood
Gender and Screen Production
AM 104                              Chair: Claire Henry
Technology and Cinema’s Past/Future
AM 105                             Chair: Thierry Jutel

George Kouvaros, “‘A Week after We Landed in America (Bklyn) We Borrowed Money and Bought Our First Bolex’: Cinema and Migration in Jonas Mekas’ Lost Lost Lost and Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania

Megan Carrighy, “Coniston: Screen Memories, Past, Present and Future”

Jessica Ford, “Beyond Difficult White Men on (Quality) Television: Towards a Feminist ‘Indie’ American Television”

Maile Daugherty, “The Filmmaking Process’ Contribution to Gender Inequality, and Higher Education’s Role Future-Proofing the Industry’s Gender Diversity Issues”

Polly Stupples, “Stretching the ‘Celluloid Ceiling’: Emerging Research on Women Film-Makers in the Pacific”
Alfio Leotta, “Total Cinema: Rene Barjavel and the Future of Film”

Yong Liu, “From ‘Dimensional Effects’ to Stereoscopic Hyperrealism: The Transformation of Digital 3D Cinematic Aesthetics”

12.45 – 1.45
1.45 – 3.15
Keynote Speech: Big Data Goes to the Movies

Deb Verhoeven

KK 301 Chair: Deborah Jones
3.15 – 3.45
Afternoon Tea
3.45 – 5.15
Session 3
Australian Film Histories
AM 102                           Chair: Deane Williams
AM 104                                Chair: Mark Ryan
New Perspectives on Sound and Music
AM 105                              Chair: Geoff Stahl

Adrian Danks, “‘Something Short of Fascinating’: Re-examining Fred Zinneman’s The Sundowners

Con Verevis, “Kangaroo: The Australian Story”

James Douglas, “Roads Not Taken: Kennedy Miller Mitchell and Parallel Histories of Australian National Cinema

Stuart Richards, “Co-Produced Scares: Kimble Rendall and Outwardly Australian Horror”

Adam Daniel, “What Hides behind the Stream: Post-Cinematic Hauntings of the Digital Realm”

Eloise Ross, “Beyond the Waves: Sound beyond the Screen”

Anne Barnes, “Listening to the Cinematic Soundscape”

Phoebe Macrossan, “Nostalgia, Utopia and Authenticity in the The Beatles Musical Across the Universe

6.00 – 7.00
Drinks Reception at Ngā Taonga New Zealand Film Archive, 84 Taranaki St

Thursday, November 24

8.30 – 9.00
Alan MacDiarmid Foyer
9.00 – 10.30
Session 4
Family and Relationships on New Zealand Screens
AM 102                Chair: Alfio Leotta
Transformations in Policy and Funding
AM 101          Chair: Deborah Jones
Paratexts and Utilitarian Filmmaking
AM 104             Chair: Minette Hillyer
Pop Culture Intersections

AM 105                Chair: Tim Groves

Brian McDonnell, “Lee Tamahori’s Mahana (2016): A Melodramatic Maori Story-scape of the Mid-20th Century”

Caroline Grose, “Troubling Innocence: The Adult-Child in the Films of Taika Waititi”

Lauren Carroll Harris, “Festivals as Distribution Circuits: Investigating the Post-Festival Distribution of Australian Cinema”

Deborah Jones and Argelia Munoz, “Film Industry Policies in New Zealand During the National Government, 2009-2013”

Rebecca Laycock, “The Audience’s Worth: Crowdfunding as a Source of Film Finance”
Thierry Jutel, “Performing Authenticity in Peter Jackson’s King Kong Production Diaries

Rosina Hickman, “Home Movies: Boring or Amazing?”

Deane Williams, “The Cinema within: Transnational and National Concerns of ‘Utilitarian Filmmaking’ in Australia 1945-1980”

Peter Pugsley, “Dai Nipponjin and the Phenomena of the Masked Hero”

Dani Pickering, “Demogor-What? Strategies of Complexity, Intertextuality, and Audience Engagement in Netflix’s Stranger Things

Tim Groves, “Murderous Imitation? The Influence of Se7en on Credit Sequences”

10.30 – 11.00
Morning Tea
11.00 – 12.45
Session 5
The Living Dead
AM 102                                 Chair: Allan Cameron
Screening Borders and Cultural Identities
AM 104                             Chair: Brian McDonnell
Embodiment, Violence, Art Cinema
AM 105                               Chair: Miriam Ross

Allan Cameron, “Vampire Optics”

Kevin Fisher, “The Double, The Future Perfect, and the Already (Un)Dead in Lake Mungo

Jenny Stuemer, “Damnatio ad Bestias: Performing (Living) Death”

Lawrence May, “Building the Apocalypse”

Brooke McArthur, “Programming Windows and Bridges: The Vision of Australia Network and Its Impact on Screen Cultures in the Asia-Pacific Region”

Rachael Anderson, “Framing the Border: Airport Governmentalities and the New Zealand Citizen”

Susan Nemec, “Migrant Audiences Watching Maori Television”

Janice Loreck, “Alienation and Emancipation: Reframing Art Cinema’s Transgressive Women”

Michel Rubin, “The Affective Force of the Scream in La Vie Nouvelle

Claire Henry, “Carving out an Australian Sensory Cinema”

Sarah Dillon, “The Future is Female: Her, Ex-Machina and Gynoidian Skins”

12.45 – 1.30
1.30 – 3.00
Plenary Session: Televisual Transformations
Trisha Dunleavy, “Sea Change in American TV: Post-Network Television, Non-Broadcast TV Drama, and the ‘Complex Serial’”
Eva Novrup Redvall, “Sea change in Danish Television Drama Production and Circulation”
HULT 220 Chair: Deb Verhoeven
3.00 – 3.30
Afternoon Tea
3.30 – 5.00
Session 6
New Screen Platforms
AM 102                        Chair: Toija Cinque
Rethinking Colonial Histories
AM 104                          Chair: Adrian Danks
Mobilizing Queer Identities
AM 105                              Chair: Stuart Richards

Kirsten Stevens, “Film Festivals in the Age of Social Media: Exploring ‘Liveness’ through the Digitally Connected Audience”

Toija Cinque, “Television Futures: A Screen for All Things”

Alexa Scarlata, “Netflix and Kill: The Production Opportunities and Limitations of ‘Television without Borders’”

Andrew Couzens, “The Transformation of the Outlaw in Australian Cinema”

Rebecca Weeks, “Historians of the Screen: The Case of Deadwood

Susan Potter, “Closet Couple: Bill Cunningham and Andy Warhol”

Whitney Monaghan, “Queering Australia in Web and TV Series: Starting From … Now!”

Conference Dinner

 Friday, November 25

9.15 – 9.30
Alan MacDiarmid Foyer
9.30 – 10.30
AM 102
10.30 – 11.00
Morning Tea
11.00 – 12.30
Session 7
Female Psychological Landscapes
AM 102                      Chair: Susan Potter
Rethinking Representations of Race
AM 104                         Chair: Christian Long
Using Data
AM 105                             Chair: Alexa Scarlata

Fincina Hopgood, “Of Mothers and Madwomen: Mining the Emotional Terrain of Toni Collette’s Anti-Star Persona”

Diana Sanders, “No Straight Lines: Childhood and the Outsider in Mary and Max and The Dressmaker

Patricia Di Risio, “Kate Winslet: Confronting Emotional Demons on Screen in Australia and New Zealand”
Christian Long, “In Search of the Castaways’ Maori Encounter”

Fairooz Samy, “‘It's My Responsibility to Force Them to Know What to Do with Me’: Halle Berry and Assimilationist Discourse”

Stella Ramage, “Skins: Sexuality, Clothing, Adornment, and Race in Frank Hurley’s The Jungle Woman
Ian Huffer, “Digital Diversity? Online Film Consumption in Aotearoa New Zealand”

Vejune Zemaityte, Deb Verhoeven, Bronwyn Coate, “Testing the 10% Rule: Are American Films One-Tenth as Popular in Australia as They Are in the US?”

12.30 – 1.45
Lunch (including postgraduate student professional development workshop, AM 102)
1.45 – 3.15
Session 8
Cultural Identity and Governmentality
AM 102                           Chair: Megan Carrigy
Teaching Screen Content
AM 104                            Chair: Geoff Lealand
Re-contextualizing Screen Landscapes
AM 105                              Chair: Allison Craven

Simon Sigley, “From Native Others to Neighbours: The National Film Unit, Islanders, and Governance”

Alec Morgan, “Empire of Illusion: Film Censorship, Eugenics and Aboriginal Spectatorship in Australia’s Northern Territory 1928-1950”

Daniel Eisenberg, “An Unfinished Front: The Department of Information Films of Frank Hurley
Mark David Ryan and Kayleigh Murphy, “Pedagogical Issues of Australian Screen Content in Tertiary Education”

Geoff Lealand, “‘Why Keep Using American Films When Ours Are So Good?’ The Use of Local Screen Content in New Zealand Schools”

Adrian Danks, “‘You’re a Very Bad Man, Walker’: The Ecological Cinema of John Boorman”

Merri Randell, “Constructing Nature: Trans-Tasman Resonances and Uncanny Monstrosities”

Allison Craven, “Our Lady of The Shallows: A Heroine of the Terraform Tropics in Queensland’s Genre Cinema”

Closing Remarks
AM Foyer